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Wife, Mother, Enthusiast...Chocolatier

​The last one I would have never thought of myself, yet here I am, owner and chocolatier behind Asper's Chocolates in Aubrey, Texas. This company originated from my interests and experience in a local chocolate shop back home. I worked there as a teenager and college student, making caramel, toffee, truffles, and all kinds of delicious confections. As time passed, my passion for chocolate strengthened and I became fascinated with the discovery that quality food ingredients combined with fine chocolates can be transformed into amazing and unique chocolate products. 

After earning multiple degrees, and working in the healthcare administration field for 10 years, my love for chocolate never diminished. So in 2016, I turned my hobby into a small business and launched Asper's Chocolates! When I am not elbow deep in chocolate, I love spending time with my husband Randy and sons Tre and Asher.  

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Officially established in 2016, Asper's Chocolate started out in my home kitchen. My treats are inspired by childhood staples, elevated classics, and our southern roots. We only use the highest quality, local ingredients and no artificial preservatives. To keep things fresh, new collections are added to our site all the time! I hope you love eating them as much as I love making them!

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