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God, Grace, & Good Chocolate

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Hi friend! You've seen my face and heard my name but you've probably never heard my (figurative) voice. I am very much an introvert and tend to like to hang out behind the scenes. However, I feel the need to share pieces of my journey as a business woman, mom, and wife in the hopes of inspiring others. I also hope to share this ride my fellow mompreneurs that there is a real human behind this operation and the trials and tribulations of this crazy journey.

My husband and I are parents to two active boys and a needy fur baby. I love being an involved mom and as our kids become more involved in activities, I knew to some degree, my business would have to take a step back. Asper's Chocolate is mostly a one woman show. My husband and family are extremely supportive and offer help whenever needed, but it is mostly up to me to keep everything going.

I seriously considered shutting down my business until my kids were older, but the thought always left me feeling empty. This business is as much my baby as my sons and it is truly my passion. When discussing work-life balance as a mom with a friend and fellow mompreneur, she said something to me that really resonated. She told me that our businesses could happen through our motherhood. Being a mom and a business owner didn't have to be exclusive ideas but they could happen, with concessions and modifications, at the same time. So, I decided to keep Asper's Chocolate going, while making changes that allow me to be home for dinner and at every baseball game…and you guys are coming along with me!

Everyday, I ask God for strength on this journey to do what I can to succeed in all areas of life. I'm learning to show myself grace when things do not always go as planned and am thankful to be at this stage in my life. One thing that has not changed along this journey is my passion for good chocolate.

Until next time…..God, Grace, & Good Chocolate

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