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Introducing the Dynamic Duos Truffle Collection: a palate-pleasing variety pack featuring our most iconic truffle pairings. This collection celebrates some of the world’s most beloved flavors, the perfect gift for food lovers or a delectable self-indulgence.


In your box, you'll find:


Salt & Pepper Truffle: A daring combination of salted caramel & pepper ganache gives this truffle a sweet and spicy kick. A unique flavor experience that excites the senses.


Peanut Butter & Jelly Truffle: This nostalgic classic gets a gourmet chocolate remix. With creamy peanut butter ganache and sweet strawberry jelly, it’s a delicious duo that takes you right back to your favorite childhood memories.


Whiskey & Coke Truffle: For the lovers of spirited flavor combinations, the Whiskey & Coke Truffle is a must-try. An audacious blend of whiskey-infused ganache with Coke caramel that entices with a surprising jolt of flavor.


Wine and Cheese Truffle: This truffle is the perfect homage to the sophisticated pairing of wine and cheese. With sweet wine fruit paste and creamy goat cheese ganache, it echoes a luxurious wine and cheese affair in a gently toasted truffle format.


Milk n Cookies Truffle: A comforting combination of crunchy cookie butter ganache enveloped in smooth vanilla white chocolate ganache. Just like curling up with a good book and a late-night treat, but in a chocolate truffle form.


The Dynamic Duos Truffle Collection is perfect for both the adventurous eater and the comfort food lover. Find your new favorite snack combo in this box, as you indulge in the captivating journey of taste that our truffle collection offers.

Dynamic Duos Truffle Collection

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